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I’m a resident DJ at Eden Bar every two weeks on a Saturday.


I DJ at events such as The Big Scrum and Bear events across the UK. Check my schedule of what’s on for where I am.


I DJ at a variety of venues check my schedule for where I can be



Poni has been a DJ and event host for over a decade, performing across the Northwest and Midlands in the UK, while his popularity and professionalism have won him bookings further afield with recent gigs in Spain and Norway.  

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An absolutely fantastic DJ! He keeps the perfect tunes rolling from start to finish. I've never spent this long on the dancefloor before, and I've never ever had this much fun in one evening! Absolutely recomended!

Erik P

...On that cold November night, Poni was that DJ. Matching the music to the mood in the room, knowing when we wanted serious dance, and knowing when we wanted camp remixes of Disney songs. Knowing when the flow of emotions shifted and it was time to change the level, to go harder, or lighter. To keep the party going till Friday night became Saturday morning, and the room of dancing men drove away that winter chill from one small corner of Manchester.

Lawrence H

An absolute gem of a DJ and a credit to his profession. He's pleasant, energetic and creates a real buzz in any environment. DJ Poni warmly welcomes customers and has a real skill of being able to read a room and adapt to the audience he is playing to. Charismatic, charming and witty, with an eclectic mix of music, he is a welcome asset to any venue.

Ross H

I have been to eden bar Birmingham where you are a regular DJ you give every customer a warm welcome you have the knack of knowing what the customer wants and you can work a bar if busy or quiet your a extremely professional DJ.

Jonathan P

What can I say. Every venue I have seen you play in and it has been rammed and busy, the music that you play is fantastic and can not fault it.

I would recommend you to anyone, that is looking for a DJ for a guest spot and for a resident spot.

Matthew K

James did our wedding an was brilliant there setting up early very entertaining and reliable.

Adam C

I’ve know James for 10 years after hearing him DJ for the first time in Chester. We have followed him from Chester to Manchester as he’s such a lovely talented person.

Kate G

Thanks for a great night Friday - everyone had a fab time with the only complaint being that their feet hurt from dancing so much. A really lovely friendly DJ who keeps Fridays at the big scum partying until the early hours & keeps Manchester’s party people on their feet.

Thank's dj poni

Pez P

I’m just dropping a note to say what a brilliant evening of music you played.
The selection was fabulous and was representative of the crowd ... loved the classics.
Fabulous DJ with an amazing personality to pleased the audience


Chris G

James is such a lovely person and a pleasure to be around. He is very professional and knowledgable with his music and can be relied on to make your night go with a bang. He knows how to get the party started and if your lucky he might show you his amazing dance moves ! Xxx

Chanelle R

Listening to James was like my eardrums had finally found the exact frequency they had always wanted to resonate at. I felt alive and my body started to jive.

Brian R

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